Tuesday, 13 March 2007


Hi Attorney General

I really ought to finds out your name. Today I am placing the charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice at the feet of the Crown Prosecution service.

I first contacted them via a letter dated the 5/12/06. Yesterday I had an email form County Councillor Mr. Ed Bridges, for those who don't know Ed is a Lib Dem one of Mr. Berman's (the chairman of cardiff county councillor) fellow Lib Dems.

In the email Ed sent (copy attached below) you will see that like Mr. Whoolley's secretary I was told again that he did not have computor access to view the vids placed on www.myspace.com/smilingcrazydave

Last night at a community meeting called for by Ed and Mrs Anne roland-Jones I shot the video footage that again makes the complaint of attempting to pervert the course of justice by Mr. Berman and all county councillors.

AT THE END OF THE MEETING I showed Ed the footage of the Nuisance Neighbour, and asked that its curious that the Lib Dems office has a www web page, and that along City road in Cardiff where THAT OFFICE IS situated there are plenty of internet cafes. I find it curious also that in the Video Ed assures me that he is well aware of my situation. He did ask that following my reporting all this 'has anything been done'?

Well I wouldn't be blogging this now would I Attorney General Dude if something had been done. So I trust that this complaint is also taken on board by someone, somewhere.

I have today Attorney General Dude made inquiries into 'on what grounds can there be a suspension of the upcoming May Elections for the Welsh Assembly?' and I am waiting for the reply, this is just so that you know that the Media knows that I am calling for its suspension until such time as the complaints I have made of the current incumbents, WILFUL NEGLECT, AND MALFEASANCE, are acted upon with due dilligence.

I note that as of today there have been only a few hits of the Video footage available on the myspace shot. So It would seem that none of the usual suspects have bothered to have a look even. which of itself given that its Tues 13/march/2007 today. Plenty of time for the Police Authority to have had a look, plenty of time for an AM or MP or a House of Lords member to have a look don'tchathink?

Well heres the email from Mr. Bridges Attorney General. Now like the email to the Crown Prosection Service doesn't it really read 'I cannot be bothered' and isn't that wilful neglect and isn't Mr. Whoolley just as guilty??????

Love n Light People

From: "Bridges, Ed (Cllr)" To: "david gabriel" Subject: RE: nuisance neighbours and victimizationDate: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 17:36: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 17:39:35
Hi David.

Alas, the council’s web server does not allow access to MySpace, YouTube or a whole host of other youth-orientated websites which it perceives to be “unsuitable”. It’s a long-running gripe I have with the council, from both a work (academic) perspective and also a personal (councillor) one.

In the meantime, I’m afraid I can’t view the videos to which you alluded. Sorry.


Ed Bridges
Councillor (LibDem), Gabalfa ward

Oh dear oh dear oh dear, I've just posted that when I opened up my inbox and what do I find the following from Mr. Whoolley. Oh my!

Dear Mr Gabriel,
Your email to the Attorney General’s office – 1st March 2007

Your email to the Attorney General’s office has been forwarded to myself for reply. As Eirwen Pyne has explained we do not have access to the website “bbccrazydave”. However I have carefully read the extracts you have forwarded with your email.

I note that your concern arises out of your feelings that you are being victimised by your local council and their reluctance to issue you with a cooperate complaint number. I can only say that the CPS has no remit to intervene in any matter relating to Cardiff County Council in its capacity as a landlord. If you are unable to obtain a response from Cardiff County Council in relation to your complaint then it would appear that your remedy is to go to the local Government Ombudsman rather than to the CPS.
The Crown Prosecution Service is unable to help you any further with this matter.
Yours sincerely
C J Woolley
Chief Crown Prosecutor
CPS South Wales
5th March 2007

I would recommend Mr. Whoolley gets his ass round to one of the internet cafes in the centre of Cardiff would'nt you Attorney General Dude. He seems to have yet to get with the programme, Welsh Assembly in Disgrace for its wilful neglect of vulnerable adults in General and Crazydave in particular. Maybe I ought to have looked at my email sooner, eh Crazydave? Maybe.

Today weds 14/3/07 I have received the following email from the Electoral Commision
oh so we allow suspected criminals to be Elected now do we????????Innocent until proved guilty Crazydave, yeah if you can get the Justice departments to issue charges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Eh Chief Constable? Eh Mr. Whoolley? Eh Attorney General Dude?

Dear Mr Gabriel

Elections to the National Assembly for Wales take place according to the provisions of the Government of Wales Act 1998 (to be replaced by the Government of Wales Act 2006, which takes effect after May 2007). The legislation requires an election to take place every four years after the very first election (which was in May 1999). The Secretary of State for Wales may make an Order postponing the election by one month or bringing it forward by one month.
There are no specific provisions in legislation for the suspension of National Assembly elections, so for the elections to be suspended, new or amended legislation would be required.

Kay Jenkins
Head of Office Wales
The Electoral Commission
Caradog House
1-6 St Andrews Place
Cardiff CF10 3BE
Tel: 029 2034 6800
Fax: 029 2034 6805

email: JBarry@electoralcommission.org.uk

I have just posted the video interview of Mr. Ed Bridges and Anne Rowland-Jones on www.myspace.com/smilingcrazydave weds 14/3/07 how come Ed is aware of my situation yet hasn't got the internet access Attorney General Dude??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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